Our Mission is to provide consumers with high-quality energy resources, conduct business honestly and responsibly, care for our employees, and be a leader in efficiency, ensuring long-term and balanced Company growth.

“NK “Neftelensk” has set itself the goals of becoming a leading global energy corporations, and plans to maintain positions by operating indicators, and entering the top group by financial indicators and level of capitalization.

We are constantly expanding our resource base to ensure sustainable growth of production in the long term, and a large-scale geological exploration program is underway in new regions. Eastern Siberia and the Black Sea are of particular importance for resource expansion and Arctic shelf resources will play a key role in the more distant future.

We adjust our plans taking into account objective external factors common to the industry as a whole, such as changes in macroeconomic indicators, the tax burden, the current situation on the market, and the specific features of our development, and we focus on increasing the Group’s efficiency and competitiveness.