images-41Jp54 is an abbreviation for “Jet Propulsion, A1, Colonial Grade 54″ During the refining process only 15% of the crude oil is made up of JP54 the rest of the grade is used for different types of plastic.Developed by JP Morgan Colonial grade JP54 was replaced by AVGAS or known as AVGAS100LL, it’s the number one low sulfur content kerosene used worldwide. It’s gasoline JP54 powers gas turbines aircraft engines. Jet A and A-1 have specifications that can be used in fuel worldwide. Jet B is used in cold weather elements.Commonly a number of different mixtures make up jet fuel and this is relate to flashpoints and how the carbon numbers are distributed.

Jet Fuel JP54, offered by us is high on purity and thus, best serves the aviation industry maximizing the desired performance. Our Jet Fuel JP54 conforms to the highest industrial standards. We provide Jet Fuel JP54 in two grades: Jet Fuel JP54 (Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54) and Jet Fuel AI 91/91. We can efficiently manage bulk orders of Jet Fuel JP54. We make sure to deliver the product Jet Fuel JP54 to the desired location at the specified time.
Jet fuels, or turbine fuels, are one of the primary fuels for internal combustion engines worldwide and are the most widely available aviation fuel. “JP” stands for “jet propulsion.” The classification jet fuel is applied to fuels meeting the required properties for use in jet engines and aircraft turbine engines.