Health, Safety & Environment


Our Company has had in place an Integrated Management System for industrial safety, labour and environmental protection, which is certified as compliant with the requirements of international standard ISO 14001:2004 and standard OHSAS 18001:2007.

Integrated Management System for industrial safety, labor and environmental protection constitutes a component of the general administrative management system of the Company, and represents a totality of processes, procedures, regulations, organizational structure and resources that are required for implementation of the “Company policy in the sphere of ISLEP” and achievement of Company’s goals in this field.

Annually, the system is subjected to compliance audit, which is performed by the International certifying authority Bureau Veritas Certification Russia.

A number of activities are performed to raise awareness and accountability level in relation to the matters of labor protection and environmental safety among the Company employees and their families. The main activities included the following:

  • Informing the Company’s and its subsidiaries’ employees and communicating to them the policy, main goals and objectives in the sphere of assuring environmental safety by holding meetings, dissemination of booklets, etc.
  • Enhanced control at production facilities by subsidiaries over the activities of the business units and contractors that render services at the Company’s licensed blocks. In addition, a “High Alert Period” was organized to raise awareness of labor safety issues.
  • Active participation of subsidiaries’ employees in exhibitions, contests, conferences, round tables, forums dedicated to environmental safety held at regional and federal levels, such as “100 top enterprises in Russia in the sphere of ecology and environmental management”, “Eco-Leader”, VI National Conference “Environment and production. Prospects for development of environmental protection economic mechanisms”, etc.
  • Children drawing contest among the employees of the Company subsidiaries with the following topics: “Labor protection”; “Environmental protection”; “Fire safety”. The winners of the contest were awarded with prizes.
  • Activities aimed at improvement of environmental situation in subsidiaries, in particular, implementation of the targeted environmental program, targeted gas program, program for remediation of accumulated damages, pipeline reliability improvement program, and energy saving program.

Production of environmentally friendly fuel

In 2012, the production output of higher grade fuel increased. This became possible due to commissioning of a number of facilities at the Company’s refineries in 2011. In 2012, also the catalytic reforming unit pre-fraction block was put into operation at our Refinery and also gasoline blending unit in Angarsk. The diesel fuel quality was assured on account of selection of the optimal catalyst production conditions at the existing units and on account of using modern applications.

the volumes of accumulated wastes continue to decrease due to more active utilization thereof subject to retaining contractors. Measures are being taken to reduce the amounts of resulting wastes. The “Program of remediation of environmental damages accumulated before consolidation” is under way, including utilization of drilling sludge from sludge pit and cleanup of contaminated areas with removal and utilization of oil-contaminated soils. During 2012, 95 sludge pits were built.

The Company implements a handful of large scale social welfare and charity projects intended to create safe and comfortable labor conditions, address housing issues, improve the living standards of employees and their families, provide professional training to the workers, support the veterans and retirees, and foster regional social and economic development.

As one of the largest companies in Russia, “NK "NEFTELENSK" pays special attention to implementation of comprehensive social and economic programs in regions of its operating activities. Following integration of “NK "NEFTELENSK", these programs have been adapted to a new scale of business in “NK "NEFTELENSK" operations areas.