Exploration And Production

offshoreeandpOne of our main strategic goal is to intensify and improve exploration efficiency in order to expand its resource base. “NK "NEFTELENSK" subsidiaries and affiliates hold many resource licenses in the oil-producing regions of Russia. “NK "NEFTELENSK" holds other licenses outside Russia in different parts of the world.

In 2013 “NK "NEFTELENSK" exploration drilling success rate was 75%, at an efficiency of 200 tonnes of hydrocarbons per linear meter.

Based on the results of exploratory drilling and follow-up exploration, 2013 saw the opening of the other field and 10 new oil reservoirs and one gas reservoir, mainly at the Ety-Purovskoye and Vyngapurovskoye fields. “NK "NEFTELENSK" increased its recoverable C1 oil reserves by 1.3 billion tonnes.

The use of cutting-edge production technologies and transportation mean this result has been achieved within less than two years of the field going into commercial production in Q3 2014.

Four new wells were brought into production at this field earlier this year, together producing a further 10,500 barrels per day. Drilling of further wells is currently ongoing, with construction expected to be complete by early 2017.

Development of other fields is predicated upon our building modern oil and gas infrastructure, and upon our consistently increasing oil production. “NK "NEFTELENSK" as operator of the project, is optimizing the use of technology to cut lead times and costs in well construction, thereby ensuring optimum viability in field development.”

Today “NK "NEFTELENSK" is among TOP 10 oil companies of the country.

We rank in top 10 for production output among the oil companies in Russia.

Oil production dynamics of “NK "NEFTELENSK" in 2009-2015, mln tons.


Ranks No. 8 for gas production output among the oil companies of Russia.

Gas production dynamics of “NK "NEFTELENSK" within 2009-2015, mln cbm


We operate in 16 regions of Russia, CIS countries.

117 oil and gas fields are under development. Total oil recoverable resources of the “NK "NEFTELENSK" exceed 600 mln tons, while gas resources make up 60 bn cbm.

The number of employees make up 10 thousand people.

A hydro processing facility for catalytic gasoline and a light naphtha isomerization unit comes on stream at our refinery. This enables the plant to switch entirely to producing Euro-5 grade gasolines. Our refineries have now completed the switch over to the Euro-5 standard well ahead of the deadline specified in Russian legislation.