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We are a leader on Russian and international markets in its core business, Every day millions of people in many countries of the world buy our products

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Our Mission is to provide consumers with high-quality energy resources, conduct business honestly and responsibly, care for our employees, and be a leader.

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“NK "NEFTELENSK" pursues an efficient marketing policy and owns a developed oil product sales infrastructure on the domestic and international markets.

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Exploration And Production

One of our main strategic goal is to intensify and improve exploration efficiency in order to expand its resource base.
“NK "NEFTELENSK" subsidiaries and affiliates hold many resource licenses in the oil-producing regions of Russia. “NK "NEFTELENSK" holds other licenses outside Russia in different parts of the world.

Product Delivery & Marketing

We actively expand our presence in the global oil and gas market. We deliver our oil and petroleum products using both the infrastructure of partner companies and its own infrastructure. The Company is continuing to develop its own export terminals, which significantly reduce transport spending and make transport arrangements more flexible.